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Ideation Work


Below is a collection of posts conceptualized by me. Being the account manager allowed me to have a deeper understanding of the brand and the product, I then decided to leverage this knowledge and turn it into meaningful content.

Design Work

Here's an assortment of a few designs I've made over the years.

Website Designs

A few practice projects that I worked on. You can click on the thumbnail to view the full design. 


Other work

Vedantu - Google Maps Hack

This was one of those projects where all of us involved in this campaign almost immediately knew that this would turn out to be something special.  Without paying a single penny to Google, we added locations and the search of “Vedantu” increased by 22% within 4 weeks of the campaign. What's more? It even won us 2 Kyoorius Baby Blue Elephant awards.

Special shoutout to Umang Agarwal, who came up with the idea. 

My contribution: I was part of the copy team where I worked on several assets for this campaign, such as - scripting (announcement + case study video), influencer brief/sample tweets/content and amplification.

Titan TRAQ  - Product film

In a market with a leader who has been in the space for decades, we knew that if Titan had to announce the launch of its performance gear, we had to do something different. So we decided to make the watch the audience we wanted to reach out to - the athlete. Meant for the serious triathletes/swimmers/runners, this film attempts make the athletes feel part of our journey. What they go through, what the watch goes through and how it stands the test of all tides just like they do, when they Out.perform themselves. 

My contribution: I was the lead Account Manager on this project where I was responsible for seeing it through it's lifecycle. Apart from my primary role as a project manager, I also provided significant creative inputs, took care of billing and worked on film amplification. 

Changi Airport  - AR Filter

Singapore's Changi Airport was looking for a way to engage the Indian audience during a time when international travel wasn't open. The brand wanted to engage audiences and stay relevant. As the New Year was around the corner, we created an Instagram Filter that merged two things Indians could never stop loving - horoscopes and travel. The filter suggested a country that was perfect for the user basis their zodiac sign. Thus, encouraging the user to plan a trip to that country and plan a layover at Changi too, whenever travel resumes.

What's more? 
We partnered with multiple influencers across categories like fashion, sports, music and more, to spread the word. 

The campaign got half a million impressions and over 16,000 unique user clicks. 

My contribution: Apart from being the account lead on this project, I was also the sole developer of this filter. And yes, I know what you're thinking, "Karan, is there something you can't do?" and to that my answer is "Yes, but thanks for inflating my already inflated ego". Jokes apart, I was responsible for design + development and deployment of the filter along with managing influencer collaboration/post-launch amplification.  

Other work
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