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About Me


When I was young, becoming a scientist meant everything to me. I was fascinated by all things science. My school organized a trip to a science fair, needless to say, I was psyched. I couldn't sleep the night before, the anticipation was too much. I still remember walking into the lab and the next thing you know a a radioactive spider bit me... okay sorry that's just the plot of Spiderman.


Anyway, I picked up design "accidentally", let me explain. I went to my cousin's place to play some video games, but he was a bit busy with work that particular day. I sat right next to him as he worked, I watched him design and bring things to life. Intrigued by all this, I asked him to teach me a few things, walked back home and got myself a copy of Photoshop (totally legal). And so my design journey began.  

This was one of my first designs ever. As much as I cringe looking at it now, it's a good reminder, of how far I've come...and how many seasons we've gone trophyless! Come on RCB!! Next year is ours!!

In 2018, when it was time to translate this hobby into a full-time job, I decided to shift gears a little - I decided to take up client servicing instead. This was not accidental. I knew where my shortcomings were and knew that becoming an account manager would force me to step outside my comfort zone. I now consider myself a generalist who gets sh*t done. I currently work as a creative consultant.

When I'm not working, you'll find me binge watching marvel animated shows. Oh, who am I kidding, I end up rewatching Brooklyn Nine Nine or The Office. Besides this, my interests are mexican food, personal finance and fitness....more like fittin thiss taco in my mouth. Anyway, bye...

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